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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 2, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> 7 is "on your side with two big stories that could impact your health. the test for germs throughout metro. the startling information on the dirt, grime, and bacteria found on services and in the air. two dead bodies found inside a home, we are live with details. >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00, "on your side."
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we begin with a developing story in prince william county. two teenagers have been found dead inside of a home. cynne simpson just spoke with investigators and she has the latest on what is going on. >> i just did speak with the police major and he explain to me that he is working to notify the families of these two teenagers. it was a male and female found inside of a home what appears to be a murder-suicide. behind yellow tape, police investigators are working to determine what exactly happened inside of this home in trying bill. emergency crews were called to the scene and inside they found the bodies of a teenage girl that lived at the home and a teenage boy. >> she lived there with her father and he came home and discovered the bodies.
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>> while it is unclear what the motive was, police do not believe anyone else was involved. >> we are not looking for a murder suspect. >> the teenage girl and her dad lived in this home for just over a year and were often inside of the yard. >> they were quiet and stayed to themselves. >> they moved in about a year or two ago. there was always a pleasant conversation. >> neighbors never suspected trouble and are left wondering what went so wrong. >> i had no idea something like this would go on in our neighborhood. you never think of your own neighborhood. >> tonight, prince william county police are working to make arrangements with forest park high school to insure there will be grief counselors on hand
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in the morning when students get the news. > tonight, the candidates are vying to become the next governor of virginia are making a final push. they canvassed the common wall toy in their efforts to reach as many swing voters as possible, but polls show that bob mcdonnell is way out in front. bob macdonald is shown at leading by 18%. creigh deeds was in northern virginia, and supporters joined the democrats for a final rally. the current governor tim kaine and mark warner and jim webb joined him for tonight's event. after spending part of the day in the area, bob mcdonnell travel to roanoke. he says he will cast his ballot on tuesday morning in his
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district before heading to richmond. later tonight, here from both candidates in our final special, bearing in about a half hour. for those expecting to see "nightline, " it will air in its entirety around midnight. the economy is on the road to recovery. manufacturing activity has shown growth in the last month and construction spending was also up in september. plus, home sales rose more than 6% for the eighth straight monthly gain. ford surprised investors by reporting a profit of nearly $1 biion from the third quarter, crediting the cash for clunkers program for the profits. and your and fear for abc family afteburglars strike their home and it turns out they were not the only victims. they struck around chevy chase
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parkway this weekend while residents were sleeping inside. jennifer donelan joins us now and has exclusive reaction. >> police are taking these cases very seriously. the mother in the first case says it is scary to find out that her family was sleeping. >> is frightening to think that someone would come into the house at night. >> they slept soundly saturday night in their nw home. the next morning, they were stunned to learn that as they were sleeping, criminals had crept into the house. >> i saw that a lot of things ha been taken. >> the burglars got through a window. everybody in the family was upstairs. >> my son was reading. he heard a door and he thought it was me coming to tell him to stop reading because it was
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extremely late. >> she is grateful that her son did not go downstairs. >> they seemed to sleep well but i could not sleep well last night. >> police sent out warnings to residents because officials say another family was robbed as they slept in their home on the same street that same night. >> everybody has to be aware about what is going on around them. >> we have got two homes that were fertilized in the middle of the night within three blocks of each other -- that were burglarized in the middle of the night within three blocks of each other. if you have any information, give police a call. police are searching for two suspects after a man were shot outside of a montgomery county gym. this happened outside of a gold's gym in sober spring.
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the victim told police that he was approached by two men. a vigil was held tonight in light of the three incidents targeting students at georgetown university. over the past week, two assault occurred off campus, and today, a hisler was written on side of a campus center. coming up, -- >> we are testing all of the services you touch when you get on the train to see what might be living there. >> also, speed cameras are already in place at some work zones, but what police are issuing driver's an extended grace period. >> a cold front will in overnig. so what comes to mind
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7 is on your side with some important information if you ride metro. >> we showed you how much bacteria that we found on services on railrains. >> kris van cleve tested the air that reprieve while ring the rails. >> all of this came from the air that you breathe inside of an metro station. it could be a sign that there is something else in the air. >> he may have increased potential for an exchange of respiratory infections. >> meaning you could be exposed to viruses like h1n1. we are testing metro stations and trains, checking the air and
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services you touch. >> it will identify the oanism down to the genius level. >> that is from the respiratory tract. >> this lab director said the results show often the current disinfecting program appears to be working, but -- >> they need to clean better. >> this bench had a higher bacterial growth than the crowd on the floor a few feet away. what mattresses the bacteria we found in the air was below proposed levels, the bacteria showed up in the air just about everywhere. >> it kind of freaks me out a little bit. >> i think it is gross. >> metro officials acknowledge that when it comes to the air, there is only so much one can do.
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while they work to keep the system clean, staying healthy may fall on you. >> coverage you're coughing and sneezing, wash your hands frequently, and if you are sick, stay home. >> metro officials acknowledge that they are taking a closer look on how to clean the edges. we have all of our results online on >> you can also find additional information on the types of bacteria. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, why you won't be charged if you speed to a work zone in maryland. >> first, it did the food outbreak involving love to save? shop with your giant card card and save on thousands of deals. like pepsi 2 liter assorted flavors, 10 for $10, rinaldi pasta sauce, 10 for $10, and other weeklypecials and real deal savings.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, doug hill, and tim brant. this is abc 7 news at 11:00, "on your side." montgomery county police are looking for an armed man that robbed a bank wearing this halloween mask. the man that enter the bank was armed with a semiautomatic
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handgun left with an undisclosed amount of cash. he and his getaway driver fled in one car and then switched to a black mercedes. we have details on a food recall all across the northeast and the mid atlantic. >> it centers around a ground beef and may be responsible for more than two dozen cases of e.coli and death. word of yet another food recall once again has shoppers wondering what is safe. >> it does concern me. >> supermarket chains in maryland and in virginia have relled more than a half a million pounds of ground beef, planned for an e.coli oureak that killed two people and made 28 others sick. >> it is surprising to me. >> the tainted beef came out of
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a farm from new york. centers for disease control is asking customers to check their freezers and throw out in the beef with these labels -- >> you never know what you are buying. >> after dropping for a few years, the usda says the recall of contaminated ground beef has rebounded. congress has begun hearings on the food safety including more stringent inspections and a bigger role for the fda. shoppers are starting to ask when they can see some action. symptoms of e.coli infections include severe stomach cramps usually show up three to four days after someone eat contaminated food, but in some cases, it can be as long as eight days. speeders caught in maryland
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in work zones by the newly installed spe cameras are going to get a longer reprieve. the warning period has been extended by two weeks. more than 900 warnings have been issued to drivers going 12 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. you have been warned. it is a pretty quiet weather pattern out there. it is chilly and will probably catch you off guard tomorrow morning. we are right on track for a typical autumn weather. not too many surprises. let's start with our weatherbug. 50 degrees in the district right now. fairly close to what it should be around here in november. the next stop, chantilly, virginia, 44 degrees. a light breeze, barely
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detectable at one must per hour. in bowie, 45 degrees, a high temperature of 58. officially it was 60 and 51 for the high and low temperatures today at reagan national airport. as the cloud cover moved south, we were able to warm up close to the average temperatures. we had plenty of rain over the weekend. over the past 10 days, 3.6 inches of rain at reagan national airport. at washington dulles, over 4 inches of rain. as we go through the next few days, there could be a few sprinkles on thursday morning. generally a drive week. temperatures are starting to come down 46 in fairfax. many of our stations in between showing temperatures even colder than that at this hour.
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areas that have the crystal clear skies overnight will be the coldest by morning. we are watching a cold front that is coming across western pennsylvania. the only rain associated with it is well north up toward state college. initially after this goes by, we will not be chilly at all. it will be until the afternoon until the gusty breezes kick up. all across the old dominion, sunshine tomorrow. maybe if you rainshowers in upstate new york with this front coming through. no big weather news on the east coast, and most of the country, a very quiet weather pattern for the next couple of days. as far as what is going to happen tomorrow, we will break it down by dayparts. 8:00 tomorrow morning, a few
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clouds, chile, 56 degrees at noon. it might be 62 in the afternoon with breezy conditions, but that could be pushing it. at some point, we might get close to the 60-degree mark. when state looks great. mid 50's. in morning sprinkle or two on thursday. they feel -- a full day of sunshine on friday. a sunny weekend, sunshine, and low 60's for saturday and sunday. >> i am taking raking leave volunteers. coming up, delicious food to warm the heart.
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30 of dc's top chefs gathered to benefit a worthwhile cause. the auction was hosted tonight at the ritz carlton in northwest washington, and the night was great. the proceeds benefit the march of dimes to prevent birth defects and infant mortality, and i was lucky enough to serve as the master of ceremonies along with carla hall. she did a great job.
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>> i did not get my doggie bag. >> you guys must be stuffed. >> i did not get anything. another friend of jim zorn speaks out about his treatment
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the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> the capital say alexander ovechkin has an upper body strength. he was favoring his left arm and not wearing a sling afterwards. he had an mri today. he is now listed week to week.
11:28 pm
if he is out one week, he will miss three games. the world series is going back to new york for game 6 on wednesday night. the philadelphia phillies fought back tonight. let's go back to citizens bank park. the yankees' lead 1-0. just like that, it was a three- one of ball game, philadelphia. bottom of the third inning, two on. ryan howard is on his horse who comes around and scores. the philadelphia phillies win 8- 6. the redskins were back at work today after a much needed by ye week. with nine games still
11:29 pm
remaining, san cannot moss was trying to maintain a positive attitude -- santana moss was trying to maintain a positive attitude. >> i still like competing and not knowing what the outcome will be. i get up on sunday not knowing how great you can be that day and what difference you can make for the team. if you want a good mind said, that is the mindset to have. >> another friend of jim zorn's is speaking out, this time saying that what they have done to jim zorn is just plain wrong. >> if you are upset with me, fire me, but don't do that. don't pull out the rug from under me, tie my hands, take away what i came there to in the first place. don't do that. jim zorn is one of the nice people. i am a nice guy but i am not
11:30 pm
that nice. [laughter] jim zorn is a nice man and what they did, i did not like it at all. >> for baseball fans, four of his first six pitches were clocked at 100 miles per hour. one pitch hit 101 miles per hour. >> are you kidding me? >> he is flat out throwing it.
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folks, don't go anywhere. president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement... of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth ovirginia!
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11:37 pm
south and then headed north. he ended up in alexandria, which is where scott thuman is now. >> they certainly crisscrossed the state today. creigh deeds holding his final campaign stop in alexandria at market square. it turned out really the focus right now for he and his campaign. as a matter of fact, we were getting multiple text messages from the creigh deeds camp that they send out to all of their subscribers, saying tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. the polls are open. they want every vote they can get from the democratic base out there. they know they will need them to win. if creigh deeds needed a last- minute boost on monday, he got it with some heavy hitting democrats. >> if you are all in with me for
11:38 pm
the next 24 hours, i will be your governor. >> the native said his underdog status has been difficult but not debilitating. the democratic votes are there, he says, but he is just hoping he has inspired enough of them. >> it is just the nature of the beast. we have an all-out effort and i am proud of the campaign that we have run. >> the g.o.p. feels more than pride, pulling -- pulling out the broom today, a sign of all commit confidence that a republican sweep is underway with bob mcdonnell at the top of the ticket. >> we are ready to lead if you are all ready to win. >> he is pleading for supporters to go to the polls, afraid his double digit lead may be taken for granted. >> there are still undecided voters.
11:39 pm
>> bob mcdonnell, if you notice, stayed behind the podium. note one-on-one interviews today, perhaps figuring that he is looking pretty good right now. no room for any errors or on wanted curveballs. >> of course, you still have time to tell us who you think should be virginia's next governor. go on a website and vote in a power pole. right now, bob mcdonnell leads. > this could have an impact on the national political picture. going into tomorrow's election, the new jersey governor's race is neck and neck. republicans have not win a statewide election in new jersey
11:40 pm
in 12 years. another race that has had a surprising impact is the 23rd congressional district in upstate new york. the democrat has been attacked in ads over the weekend, but she dropped over the weekend. this race is an indicator of a political rebellion coming from conservatives. there is a lot to talk about. >> joining us to break it all down is the politico editor in chief and correspondent. thank you for joining us. john, i want to start with you. creigh deeds right now, his biggest challenge is to get democrats to the polls. that said, a budget -- a double digit gap right now. >> it would be the political equivalent of an asteroid hurtling from outer space and
11:41 pm
hitting old dominion. surprises to happen in politics, and creigh deeds need to one. it would require a massive, late breaking vote amongst the undecided and a last-minute jolt of energy from independent- leaning voters and african americans saying that they need to go cast a vote tomorrow for creigh deeds. >> virginia is pretty consistent, always going aainst the white house. do you see that happening this time around and why is that? >> that is why creigh deeds started down and then did not make the most of it. bob mcdonnell has been a very strong candidate and has run the strongest northern virginia campaign that any of virginian has ever. republicans have always had the view that they will run up their
11:42 pm
totals downstate and make up for what they lose in northern virginia. but now you cannot make it up downstate. bob mcdonnell has put aside social issues and has talked about roads. he never talks about education. he says "schools" and jobs. >> it is not just the governor's race tomorrow. we could see the republican sweep across the board. if that happens, clearly, the dynamic of the state will change. >> it was only a few months ago that we are talking about how the obama election showed a permanent change in virginia. were looking at two different electorates'. there was a million to a million and a half people coming out for the obama election that will probably not come out tomorrow. the last-minute message from creigh deeds is get out the last minute votes with big pictures
11:43 pm
of president obama. that has been their total last days message. >> obama is not on the ballot this time are around, so if the democrats are able to get one of these seats, how do you read that? >> i think what the white house will say is that with a split decision, we can live th that. these are individual races that do not suggest a national trend. they would look for the new york 23rd district race as the potential to tiebreak. that is what the white house will say. to go deeper into those numbers and look at what happened with independence. i think it potentially spells trouble for democrats in 2010. president obama is not on the ballot and this is not a straight referendum on the obama
11:44 pm
presidency, but it is undeniable that what is happening in washington has an effect on these races in the states. >> the new york race setting up a bit of a rebellion at this point. what split are we looking at in could get that the democrats down the road? >> there is an argument that -- conservatives in upstate new york, whoa, not that big and they made it clear that they would not accept a republican that does not agree with their issues. >> we will have to see where the money goes as well. there is still a lot more ahead. >> indeed, there is another hard-fought race in the
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welcome back to our special. the race to become the next attorney general has been heating up. >> our exclusive poll shows republican ken cuccinelli leading democrat steve shannon. >> and jay korff is live tonight from arlington. >> this race has been lively, to say the least. both of these men are attorneys, but that is where the
11:48 pm
similarities stop. with tuesday's election only hours away, at times, a test the race for the attorney general between ken cuccinelli and steve shannon. monday night, steve shannon -- >> when voters go to the polls, we get it right as citizens. >> earlier on monday, ken cuccinel campaigned in bristow with bob mcdonnell. >> we are going to continue to lead in virginia. >> both men are attorneys representing fairfax that stressed they will be tough on crime and both have a engaged in a feisty debate on the airwaves. >> steve shannon will say anything to get elected.
11:49 pm
>> shan and considers himself to be a moderate, and ken cuccinelli a true conservative. >> i do try to give republicans a chance but when somebody takes a position that is so opposed to equality and civil rights and equal rights, i cannot support that. >> ken cuccinelli has since he will enforce the law equally. >> and a consistent conservative who is true to the law, whatever of the law might be. >> i am more impressed with the advertisements on tv for ken cuccinelli. >> candidate channing, the washington post endorsement, but ken cuccinelli has been leading in the polls. >> if polling is correct, the lieutenant governor will keep his seat. he has campaigned on securing state funding for the internet
11:50 pm
crimes against children task force, expanding funding for small businesses. as a mother of four, jody wagner touts her education plans. coming up, we will take a look at a couple of important interest groups. >> also, a very important question on election day, depending on what time you plan to vote breathe right, the small strip that gives you... big nighttime breathing relief... introduces-- drum roll please-- new breathe right extra. the only strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% stronger for congested noses
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time now for a look at today's top stories. two teenagers found dead inside of a home in what appears to be a murder-suicide. they were students at forest park high school. they were found shot to death inside of the upstairs bedroom. neighbors never expected there would be trouble, and investigators are working to determine what went on inside that home. >> a couple and their two teenage children were at their home on saturday night when burglars cut open a window screen and stole computers, a purse, and credit cards. another family's home was burglarized that same night while they slept. you are getting more time to adjust to the speed cameras inside of a work zone.
11:54 pm
more than 900 warnings have been issued already for drivers going 12 miles per hour over the speed limit. if you plan to vote tomorrow in virginia, nothing is holding you back. >> there will not be a problem. the weather looks fine. let's take a look at the numbers for monday. 60 and 51 for the high and low temperature for today, it's pretty typical weather day. temperatures are falling as we speak. 38 degrees right now in martinsburg. skies have been clearing slowly during the evening. waking up tomorrow morning, a chilly start, a few clouds, 39 to 46 degrees. a cold front is going to pass through the area overnight before sunrise. now much in the way of any weather associated. just a few showers to the north
11:55 pm
up in state college, but that is about it. a few clouds coming through. behind this front, the air is going to be close to 60 degrees. all across the commonwealth tomorrow, partly sunny and really pleasant, fall weather. the same story across new jersey. the other elections, maybe a few showers during the afternoon, but that is typical autumn weather for upstate new york as well. no issues weather-wise as we look at tomorrow. 39 to 46 degrees tomorrow morning, warming up to 56 degrees at noon. the trend is there that we will hit warm temperatures early and then fall off. behind that, it looks great. the morning sprinkled with another cold front on thursday, clearing in the afternoon.
11:56 pm
friday, saturday, and send a look terrific. up next, democrat creigh deeds maybe trailing in the polls but he just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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welcome back to our battleground virginia special. our new exclusive poll shows bob mcdonnell leading now by 18%.
11:59 pm
the battle has never drop below 54%, and creigh deeds has never pulled higher than 46%. bob mcdonnell is still leading among female voters. the one group of voters that creigh deeds seems to be doing well with his african americans. he is holding a 77% of african americans, compared to the 19% for bob mcdonnell. 18% of democratic voters surveyed say they plan to vote for bob mcdoell, a huge number that creigh deeds will need tomorrow if he wants any chance for pulling out an underdog victory. coming up next, we will tell you where the candidates plan to spend their


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